People are forever concerned with “change” to any individual or social situation that they’ve been comfortable with in their life patterns of daily living since birth. Often times becoming too reluctant to accept any aspect that may shatter their comfort zone of complacency and disrupt their world consciousness, as they see it. The filming and the murder of George Floyd that was seen by the entire world and reshown on all Medias except maybe certain outlets, has challenged the world view on racism in America. The continued violent actions of Urban Terrorists and other followers of hate, that tried to overthrow the 2020 election count and murdered officers and some in the mob itself in the name of Trump for king, are being identified and should be prosecuted for sedition also.

The murderous, highly violent armed paramilitary groups should be rooted out of hiding, disarmed and helped to understand, if possible, we’re all Americans. The civil war is far past defendable by anyone and that ideology of hate between people, must be recognized as wrong and a time far from American mainstream for everyone’s safety. Understanding humanity as simply cultural differences must be identified as only that and not something evil or a political positioning of one against anyone else. Violent radical racists or individuals spouting hate extremes isn’t the answer. No Man or Woman of any nationality is above any others, simply part of the human race. Color, religion, place of birth and varied ideologies should not be used as a political difference or reference point for someone to direct hate or abuse upon another human being. Poverty must be recognized as no one’s fault but mere circumstance and lack of assistance from society as a whole. Those situations can be rectified in our society, as wealth only separates each of us from living as we were meant to, safely and socially becoming productive together as one country.

Helping mankind survive and doing away with tyrants, racial hate, gun violence, an unreasonable minimum wage of continued poverty, slum housing, lack of education for anyone and the wide spread between the haves and the have nots in American society must be addressed and stabilized for peace in our country to grow. Unpaid social servitude is not acceptable, lack of safe housing, enough productive jobs, living conditions for the homeless, the lack of stable foreign trade agreements, and the upgrading of the prison system in America MUST be changed for the better. A Federal policy of treatment rather than incarceration that decriminalizes marijuana and establishes a social balance as we’ve done after prohibition with liquor stores, will reduce foreign drug cartels power from making money while killing Americans. It’s reduced the use of opioids and deaths from overdoses nationally, as it’s already been proven in those states who’ve legalized medical and recreational use of marijuana.

The abyss of hate, chaos and fear under the last presidents try for complete power in America, tried to create political differences between our Nation and “EVERYONE KNOWS” we can do so much more for this country if we try doing things together. Love of mankind and NOT hate, will allow our country to reestablish truth in all things, and once again become a world power for justice and freedom that will protect the world consciousness for the better, as we change and adapt to a new view of equality and maintain a United Country of peaceful diversity as we’re all Americans first, just trying to survive a deadly World Pandemic.

Danny Higgins,