Paul Entrikin

Paul Entrikin

Ah, the euphoric bliss of a loving couple’s honeymoon. So new, so exciting, so full of hope and promise. Unlike those who denied President Donald Trump even a moment’s honeymoon to get his feet under the presidential desk, I have silently waited and watched while the great uniter, the wholesome restorer of civility, the new leader of the free world, President Biden/Harris, took command of the ship of state. To say they have run it onto the rocks is an understatement.

To be fair, President Joe Biden’s not actually at the helm himself. He’s not even charting the course. I suspect that in his prime, Biden might have made an adequate chief executive, but time has overtaken him. Hidden away from the press and public, Biden is occasionally trotted out for viewing like some powerless imperial emperor to be worshipped by his minions, but who remains tightly controlled as he reads words written by others. These “others” are running amuck like Portland rioters on a Saturday night, smashing and grabbing everything they ever wanted without restraint. Why legislate when Biden will sign any executive order put in front of him? Why pretend transparency when all forms of media and social platforms conspire to protect and champion their radical and largely unpopular policies and programs? Even in the face of incontrovertible hypocrisy and flip-flopping, there is no guilt or remorse within the lock-step ranks of the liberal bastions.

And what notches on the bedpost has this Biden/Harris honeymoon yielded?

The border is wide open and overwhelmed by every coyote, every abandoned child, every COVID-carrying illegal alien and any terrorist who cares to respond to Biden’s welcome mat. No other country operates this way. Who’s in charge? Well, Biden told his vice president, Kamala Harris, she had the ball, but she won’t visit the border. She won’t hold even a super friendly Democratic-type press conference and laugh out her plans.

The promise of new taxes has chilled investors. Renewed enthusiasm for the Paris Accord and the uber radical New Green Deal foretells a declining gross national product, inflation and climbing unemployment just as rational states are opening up their economies. It’s corporate America first and jobs for Americans last again as giants like Ford and Netflix offshore factories and jobs. Foreign worker visas are up as well. Energy independence is out the window as pipelines are canceled and drilling is curtailed. The displaced workers are told to learn to code, seek out nonexistent green jobs or take up phantom social worker type “infrastructure” employment. Pump prices here in Pocatello are up a buck a gallon already. Thank you, President Biden.

Biden’s promise to be a unifying president for all citizens is as hollow as a chocolate Easter bunny. Pack the Supreme Court! Contrary to the Constitution, make Washington, D.C., a state! Science be damned, let boys compete in girls’ athletics! Firsthand shower and locker room sex education — sure let’s go for that, too. Domestic race relations are in turmoil as liberal leadership sees the weakness at the top as an opportunity to brand every institution, value, tradition and thought as racist! Encouraged by elected officials and talking heads, those who would have anarchy over progress literally fan the flames of hate in the streets and on the airwaves. There are more uninformed (lying?) statements regarding gun control firing off than there are shootings in South Chicago. I’ve yet to hear a new gun control idea that would have stopped any of the recent tragic mass shootings. No matter, the Second Amendment does not mean what it says and, one step at a time, guns must go! I will say, though, he gets no credit for enabling rapid vaccine production. President Trump’s COVID response seems to be performing well in those states that enjoy pragmatic leadership. This administration would rather quibble over masks while practicing actual anti-religious bias. Riot in mobs as you like, but don’t you dare gather together to pray. Somehow I’m just not feeling a unifying hug here.

One might hope for some stellar international triumphs to rescue the Biden/Harris domestic shipwreck. Sadly, it’s just one failure after another. Mexico and Central American countries blame Biden for the border crisis and have reduced their efforts to help the USA. China sails at will intimidating our allies in the Pacific and teases Taiwan invasion. They mock the USA as they “re-educate” their minorities without consequence. North Korea won’t take Biden’s phone calls even as they demonstrate their rocket capabilities apace. In the Middle East, where President Trump achieved treaty after treaty, Biden has managed in just a few weeks to alienate Israel, embolden Iran and re-invade Syria. Furthermore, in an amazing double stroke of failed diplomacy, Biden crudely insulted Russian President Vladimir Putin personally and also set up Ukraine for further Russian occupation. This is actually not surprising given that Barack Obama and Biden already took an appeasement page from Neville Chamberlain’s book and let Putin take Ukraine’s Crimea.

Granted, no marriage is without its bumps and disappointments. Newlyweds often have a period of learning and adjustment, but after this disaster of a honeymoon I’m ready for an annulment.

P.S. Yes, I did watch President Biden’s speech to Congress. No, I was not persuaded to change my column. Based on what’s actually been done under his signature I can see no effort to promote “coming together” so far. Biden’s “unity” language stands in stark contrast to the radical, woke socialism his handlers demand. Making comparisons to the Civil War is hardly unifying hyperbole, as well as being a distortion of facts and history. The border is in crisis, but you would never know it from his speech. Biden’s staggering tax and spend plans can only work if other countries play fairly and don’t take advantage of us. What could possibly go wrong? Tax the rich. Tax corporations. Double tax your inheritance. Go, unions! I could hear capital fleeing, and jobs packing up to go offshore before Biden’s speech was even finished. I could go on point by point, but overall the only “unity” I heard was the unity of one party rule proposing to ram through a sweeping socialistic, huge-government agenda while they think they can.

Paul Entrikin is a newer resident of Pocatello. He grew up in Baton Rouge and has two degrees from Louisiana State University. Following a tour in Vietnam as an Army officer, he began his career in information technology. The last 35 years of his career were with ExxonMobil at a variety of foreign and domestic locations.