Why has it become so difficult to retain sanity in policy? M T Green is the far end of confusion, lacking sense in purpose with no visible understanding of geographical referencing as she apparently is unfamiliar with this planet all together. Unstable is not a point of reference in politics, but a lack of compassion and understanding that her judgement isn’t even close to politically or socially functional.

Then again it seems that the more guns sold, equals an armed group carrying hate with a vengeance. It’s not that every gun is bad, simply that high powered weapons are only useful in war and too deadly when used in Malls, Churches and on any street corner in civilization. There is no quota for hunting humans, as any is too many. Unstable is just an increase of insanity added to chaos and fear, caused by programmed hate in the control of every conspiracy theory ever heard by armed fanatics afraid of a make-believe dilemma that never really exists in truth.

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Old Crow

With hundreds of thousands of illegals flooding our

Borders from our enemies countries and with the

IRS hiring thousands of young indoctrinated lefist commies like you with the caveat that they be armed and willing to shoot American citizens....

We need our guns more than ever.

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