Sarah Kathryn Westbrook

Sarah Kathryn Westbrook

Just before 10pm Saturday evening (Dec. 3rd), a Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputy was notified by an employee of the Ammon Walmart of a female shoplifter that was about to flee the store. As the Deputy approached the entrance, he observed a female run out of the store and was advised by an employee she was the suspect. The Deputy chased the female on foot through the parking lot a short distance, eventually stopping but continued to struggle with the Deputy until she had to be placed on the ground and secured in handcuffs.

Deputies identified the female as 40-year-old Sarah Kathryn Westbrook of Idaho Falls and found her in possession of 10 items from inside the store that were not paid for, totaling just over $200 in value. Deputies also found Ms. Westbrook in possession of multiple items of Drug Paraphernalia. 

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