Panther, pictured here, was reunited with her owners after they offered a $5,000 reward for er safe return.

POCATELLO — A local couple is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can return their missing cat alive. 

Panther, a 2-year-old female black cat, was trapped by a Pocatello resident and dropped off at either Scout Mountain or Ross Park, said Dakota Worrell of Pocatello.

Worrell and his girlfriend Hannah Green are Panther's owners.

Worrell said that he and Green realized Panther was missing on Friday morning and began searching their North Garfield Avenue neighborhood for her. 

Worrell said he found a resident who admitted to trapping Panther and dropping her off at a location believed to be either Ross Park or Scout Mountain. 

Worrell said the $5,000 reward he and Green are offering is legitimate and they will be happy to pay the money to whoever can bring back their cat alive. 

Green can be reached at 208-557-3442.

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