Trent Clark

Trent Clark

Amazon’s “The Rings of Power” cost billions and delivered a 100 million person audience that isn’t shabby among today’s streaming options. But the series fell painfully short of replicating the Tolkien legacy with storytelling of multi-generational appeal and deep personal meaning.

This may disappoint Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, a Tolkien fan personally involved in securing the creative rights for “The Rings of Power.” His hopes for the project are hinted at every time he recounts his son’s marching order, “Dad, don’t eff this up.”

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Old Crow

I've seen the movies but I won't watch this cr-ap.

They did the same thing to Vikings Valhalla....

Vikings was one of my all time favorite series

But when they cast a historical Scandinavian

King as a black female......I'm out.

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