Jim Jones

Jim Jones

ormer U.S. Sen. Len Jordan served Idaho with distinction from 1962 through 1972. He was a conservative Republican who brought courage and individualism to the Senate. He differed with Idaho’s other senator, Frank Church, on a number of issues, but they worked together in harmony on issues affecting Idaho. Both were dedicated to safeguarding democracy. They had a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

I worked for Jordan in the summers of 1965 and 1966 and then served as his legislative assistant for his last three years in office. He was in the mainstream of a Republican Party that had members ranging from conservative to liberal. His Republican values were fashioned after those of the party founder, Abraham Lincoln.

Jim Jones is a Vietnam combat veteran who served eight years as Idaho attorney general (1983-1991) and 12 years as a justice on the Idaho Supreme Court (2005-2017). He is a regular contributor for The Hill online news. He blogs at JJCommonTater.com.

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What are the values of traditional Republicans? Faith, Family and Country. Pro-God, pro-gun, anti-abortion. Republicans didn't go anywhere. The milquetoast just adopted the morals of the degenerates.

Old Crow

Safeguarding democracy? Are you for real? The FBI

has been weaponized and has interfered with the

Last two presidential elections. They and the IRS

and the CIA have wiretapped, leaked, lied, and

Tried to set up Trump in a blatant conspiracy and

They are getting away with it. What do you think

Frank Chirch would think about those agencies today?

Mike Mathews

Senator Frank Church would have nominated the FBI, IRS and CIA for the Medal of Honor for exposing a fat con-man.

red in blue

"Never argue with a fool. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."- Mark Twain

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