I am a political scientist by education (ISU 2003) and resident of Chubbuck. I have follow politics since I was a teenager from international, national, to local politics. I would like to talk about Mayor Kevin England.

Mayor England has done an outstanding job. He is energetic and has the best interest for the citizens of Chubbuck. I grew up in Chubbuck and moved away for a career. My career brought me back in 2015, and I intentionally moved to Chubbuck. During his tenure, the City of Chubbuck has seen the revitalization of two huge neighborhoods and two huge parks. One of the parks now has a splash pad which many families use throughout the summer. Movies in the park has been another favorite for my whole family which started under Mayor England. Chubbuck Days has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid and the tradition continues.

The City of Chubbuck just moved into a new City Hall Building and are building a bigger police station. Both of these have been needed for quite sometime. This has been done without the need for a bond or raising taxes which is unheard of. This shows how Chubbuck uses their creativity and has great leadership under Mayor England. He was elected President of the Association of Idaho Cities which is a big deal. This position is usually only held by the Mayors in the Boise area. This has opened up access to many contacts at the State level to include the Governor's office. We DON'T was to lose this.

If you want to see the difference between the two candidates, watch the debate on the Bannock County Republicans Facebook page. Such a stark difference! Mayor England gave specifics to plans that the City has in the works, admitted that a challenge is the amount of growth, and gave a future thinking approach. However, the other candidate gave generalities, admitted he doesn't talk to the city employees except for a couple of department heads, and has no specific plans for the city. Politics 101 etiquette wasn't even follow after the debate which for me was disappointing.

Because Mayor England has a proven record of getting things done, he has my full support this November 2nd, and I encourage others to do the same thing. Early voting started on October 12. Whether you vote early or go on November 2, Mayor England is the best choice for the City of Chubbuck.

Paul Hobbs,