Tomas Alejandro Moralez-Perez


An Idaho Falls woman was hospitalized Sunday after she confronted a man who allegedly kissed and sexually harassed her daughter.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the victim had more than 17 bruises, mostly on her legs, from the altercation.

The victim confronted Tomas Alejandro Moralez-Perez, 22, when her teenage daughter told her he had forcibly kissed her and refused to leave after entering the bathroom while she showered.

The victim told Idaho Falls Police Department officers that Moralez-Perez responded by throwing the victim to the ground and choking her. He then reportedly kicked her multiple times in the legs.

“He was calling me names before and he was laughing at me when I told him to stop,” the victim wrote in a statement to police. “He told me to talk normal because my voice changed.”

The victim’s daughter corroborated her mother’s statement, saying she witnessed the “choking part.”

Moralez-Perez left to go to his job at a ranch. The victim said he told her he was going to kill her when he returned home. The victim then called the police and packed clothing to leave the residence.

The victim’s daughter said Moralez-Perez had been sending her inappropriate text messages. She said Moralez-Perez talked about leaving and taking her with him. When she said she did not want to go with him, he reportedly told her he would hurt her family if she refused.

The victim was transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for her injuries. Moralez-Perez was arrested by police when he returned to the residence from work. He said he would not speak to police without a lawyer.

Moralez-Perez was charged with attempted strangulation, punishable with up to 15 years in prison, and felony domestic battery, punishable with up to 10 years in prison. No-contact orders were issued between him and the victims.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. April 30 in Bonneville District Court.