LET's do something new. LET’S take responsibility to keep our Politicians feet to the fire to do what they promised. LET’S bring the kids to the dinner table and share good principles.

LET’S take our power back, get involved in local Government, show up to public meetings and be a part of the solution. LET’S open our Constitution and study until we understand it and expect our youth and our leaders to do the same. The last generation learned the Constitution in 7th grade, we can do this.

If we sleep through this election then nothing changes. We need to begin on Nov 30.

There’s a new face on the ballot. David Worley is a retired Veteran who loves our country and our Constitution. He isn’t a politician, but his family and his roots are in Pocatello we will reap the benefit of years of leadership with focus on the Constitution. He’s young, he's full of enthusiasm and passion and he brings a lifetime of experience that will benefit Pocatello.

LET’S make a change .. VOTE for David Worley on Nov 30.

Lynda Eggimann,