Here are two headlines from the March 18, 2021, online edition of the Idaho State Journal.

1-Page 1: “Idaho House speaker fears Legislature shutdown over COVID-19”

2-Page 3: “House panel OKs legislation to trim Idaho governor’s powers”

Does anybody else find this ironic? That on the same day …

1-The legislature’s Republicans passed a bill to limit Gov. Little’s ability to react to emergencies mostly because it felt he’d gone too far in shutting the state down due to COVID. Also, Little wears a face covering (mask) in public and urges others to wear masks, which annoys the Republicans.

2-Republican House speaker Scott Bedke said he might have to shut down the Legislature because so many of its members were coming down with COVID. The kicker … when the AP interviewed Bedke he wasn’t wearing a mask. The House members ailing with COVID are all Republicans. Idaho legislative Republicans often do not wear masks.

Hey, I’ve got an idea! If the Republicans follow Little’s guidelines, maybe the Legislature will finish this session on schedule. Maybe they will also eat crow.

Glenn Alford,