Over the last several years it has become obvious that our Idaho Republican legislature is not paying attention to the Idaho residents and acting on bills and passing laws that are contrary to the desires and needs of the majority of the residents in Idaho. The most blatant negative impact to Idaho voters during this this past legislative session. The last citizens’ initiative that passed at the ballot box, Medicaid Expansion, made this obvious. It took a Herculean effort to pass the Medicaid expansion initiative requiring that Idaho accept Medicaid Expansion. It required 6% of signatures of registered voters in 18 legislative districts. In 2020 the legislature tried to overturn the will of the people by repealing Medicaid Expansion in Idaho and failed due to the Governor’s veto. This last legislative session our Republican legislature passed a bill which became law with Governor Little’s signature making any citizens’ initiative essentially impossible to meet by requiring 6% of the voters’, signatures from all 35 legislative districts. At the ballot box on Nov. 2018 the citizens’ initiative passed Medicaid Expansion with 61 % of the votes indicating that it was supported not only by Democrats but also by the unaffiliated and Republicans alike.

So, with the Republican primary dictating the winner of the general election due to right wing radical Republicans dominating the voted ballots in the Republican primary, what can be done to provide a more moderate Republicans to win in the general election? Simple, ALL Republicans need to come out for the Republican primary, not just the general election, along with the unaffiliated registered voters to vote out these damaging radical right legislators who write legislation to primarily benefit the rich. Idahoans will be much better off being represented by legislators who truly represent the majority of Idaho people. Let’s return the legislature to a more balanced representation of the people of Idaho.

Bob Gehrke,