My job has me wearing dress shoes more often than boots these days, but that makes me no less appreciative of Senator Mike Crapo’s recent action on behalf of Idaho producers. As the son of a farming family, I want to thank Senator Crapo for choosing to cosponsor the Growing Climate Solutions Act. Built on good old-fashioned logic, the Growing Climate Solutions Act will incentive farmers, ranchers, foresters, and landowners nationwide to establish carbon sequestering practices by making it easier for them to earn a paycheck doing so.

You see, farmers by nature want to invest in the health and quality of their land and the environment but adopting more sustainable practices comes with obstacles whether a lack of information, third parties lacking credibility or upfront costs. The act empowers the USDA to solve many of these barriers — smoothing the path for producers to sell credits for carbon stored in their soil in voluntary, private marketplaces.

The Growing Climate Solutions Act is smart policy which is why it’s no surprise a bipartisan group of more than 40 senators and more than 70 organizations — from Microsoft to leading agriculture and environmental groups — back it. Thank you, Senator Crapo, for being one of them. I look forward to its passage.

Travis Thompson,