I support Kevin England for Mayor. I have known him for over 25 years and know of his honesty and integrity. He has done an outstanding job as mayor of Chubbuck and I see no reason why he would not continue doing an outstanding job. The city has grown not only in size but in beauty, safety, it's economic stability, and being a great place to raise children. I have raised 9 here and they love to come back home to Chubbuck. I feel a great deal of credit goes to Mayor England and his leadership in bringing in two big parks (one with a water park), movies in the park, a new city office building (without increasing taxes), renovated police station (which they have needed for some time), and a host of other things. Mayor England is trustworthy, loyal to the people, religious, and just a fun guy to be around. He has a proven record of getting the job done in the right way and listening to the people of Chubbuck and their concerns. In November I am voting for Kevin England because I feel he is the best candidate, has done a good job in the past, and will continue to do what is right for the people of Chubbuck.

Dave Holbeny,