Why don’t we abolish the Idaho Legislature? Think of all the money we taxpayers could save on a bunch of people who do not pass laws of value to the people of Idaho. Instead of working on such needed items as education (Idaho is near the bottom in spending and attainment), tax payer relief for the middle class not just the wealthy, how to attract higher paying jobs and increase the covid vaccination rate (Idaho is near the bottom in vaccination rates), our legislature is passing grievance and culture bills.

I do not worry about second amendment rights although I do wonder why people can’t understand the concept stated in the constitution of a “well -regulated” militia. Freedom has responsibility. I do not worry about women having abortions. The abortion rate is way down and it is none of my business what a woman does with her body. Why is it that certain people only worry about the womb and not what needs to be done to support that life after it is born? It is quite simple, if you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. I don’t worry about liberal indoctrination in the schools. I believe that truth is revealed upon examination and students are smart enough to formulate their own values and views given facts and data. I do not believe that the state of Idaho needs to indoctrinate students in conservative values- that is a brainwashing attempt by certain people. I believe the exploration of ideas are critical in the formation of a young person’s education. The indoctrination law smacks of authoritarianism. Apparently, certain people believe in free speech and the constitution only if it supports their values. Wouldn’t this world be boring if we all thought alike? Diversity of thought, race, gender and values is what supports creativity in solving problems and creating jobs.

Rebecca Hathaway,