First I want to thank all those good people in SE Idaho for helping prevent the spread of Covid-19 . BUT with that being said and since we are approaching a time everyone that wants the shot has gotten it. Isn’t time to give all of us a brake from stupid government intervention? AT what point is the CDC going to pull there heads out of the sand, and let us go about our business.. This is especially true for those of us with loved ones in assisted living, who are still being completely crazy with restrictions. Most of the folks living in these assisted living establishments have had there shots for months. Many of those residents families have had their shots too, the only ones that haven’t got the shot are approximately 60% of the caregivers. Exactly what don’t we understand, open the doors, lets save our old folks from loneliness. Since the residents are safe, what are we protecting them from ???

I am a Democrat, and would vote for Biden again, BUT, why is it necessary for him to parade around the Whitehouse with Double masks, when everyone in the room with him should be vaccinated..

Unless I miss-understand, if I got the shots, doing my duty to protect myself and others, THEN I should be 95% (or more) safe from catching Covid and probably 99.99% safe from spreading it ?? RIGHT OR WRONG ??

SO I’m not a public health risk ?? RIGHT OR WRONG??

Isn’t it time to reward those who have taken steps to get back to normal, to be allowed to go to baseball games, concerts, etc without a mask and social distance. RIGHT OR WRONG?

IF I’ve got the shot and you’ve got the shot, them we should be free to go about out business.

If you don’t want to get the Vaccine then please get the disease so you will be immune, yes its possible you could possible die or suffer lingering side effects forever, but I’m sorry that’s your problem not mine. I’m sure you could get a shot within days of signing up for one. Its up to you. I for one am tired of protecting the unprotected. SO, Everyone get the shot, lets do it, Full speed ahead.

John Wilson,