The obvious fall out of months of riots , defunding police, skyrocketing murder rates, and printing money beyond anything in America’s history has been the mass exodus of millions of people to better run states like idaho. Simply ask any realtor. The effect is skyrocketing home values as more cash is chasing fewer homes. While there is more cash it is not from a rise in local incomes. This has three devastating effects. The first is our children may never become home owners. The cost is simply too high for many. The second is the increase in rents will cause many to consider going to college elsewhere. Over time these two will reach an equilibrium that will be a new normal. The third effect is the worst and most damaging. Many elderly retirees who worked hard and were fiscally responsible will have their homes taken away by the state for being unable to paying taxes that are increasing beyond any historical norm of the last thirty years. They do not have time or the ability to adjust to the constant double digital tax valuations that are happening year after year. They will have worked hard, paid for a house only to lose it when they need it the most. Seeing this slow motion tragedy play out will destroy the faith our young people have in the prospects for their futures. Some of this can be avoided. Relief can be given locally and at the state level for these great elderly citizens who built our economies. Simply put the tax amounts at age sixty for a home owners should be locked in for the remainder of their lives. This will allow a predictability that can be planned for during their working years. They have limited years left so the additional burden is short term and will not be that great when diluted over the rest of the taxing base. The impact will however be tremendous for those in their golden years. Please think about this and start recommending this at meetings and to state and congressional leadership. Hopefully this idea will gain momentum faster then this disparate economy is gaining momentum.

Joel Shokes,