I was born and raised here and though there were times I did not appreciate this place, my perspective has changed to see the wonder of our little town. My heart appreciates the silence of the hills that surround us, reminding us of the different paths that we can take. With the railroad tracks built for communication and exchange, massive trains continue to echo through our valley making way for progress. These tracks, they ask of us. They ask us to be humble, to keep moving forward together. These tracks of our tiny old railroad town ask us to be good to each other and act like we were taught--to always love one another. Let us not forget that we are a community, regardless of our race or profession or religion.

Our town and our children ask us to vote for kindness locally, and live up to the reputation we have created as “the City that Smiles” by showing regard for one another. We have been shown proof of kindness in the form of diplomacy for several years with our current leader. May we vote again for the leader that understands the importance of jobs and values the role of our first responders. The leader that seeks to bring peace and presents himself as an advocate of the people rather than a force against our own government. My sweet Pocatello, let’s make sure we remain kind and American through every thread that we sew within our votes.

J. Jensen,