The 2021 Legislative Session has been a grave disappointment. I am writing specifically about the crusade against Critical Race Theory and social justice. I have tracked every iteration of HB 377 and watched every committee meeting. I’m elated, seeing so many people question the bill, its content, and its implications. Simultaneously, I’m angry with those we have chosen to represent us in the legislature. They’ve failed us.

The first iteration of this bill demanded an end to social justice education, silencing classroom discussion of topics related to race or gender. It passed unanimously in the House Education Committee, without questions or discussion. Testimony against the newer bill, HB 377, was cut short by the Senate Education Committee Chairman, who said he didn’t think further testimony was going to make a difference. What a shameful representation of due process.

All Idahoans must turn a critical eye toward the power dynamic at play in the state legislature. Take note of a powerful institution that is overwhelmingly white and male, eager to stifle learning and hinder free speech.

Jordan Cutler,