So many things have changed in the last five years that the most profound occurrence in American history may be something that some even today deny has happened. It seems that one man had become so full of “Power” he enraged his own political Party and Urban Terrorists that listened to his speeches to violently assault the Halls of Congress. They killed and maimed members of the Capitol police force and some of their own seditionist followers in the rush to capture the building in an effort to attempt to kill Congressional members of our Senate and other elected members of Congress. This was a direct assault on the freedom of all Americans, as the world watched a political coup develop on worldwide social media, as the efforts to overthrow our Democratic 2020 electoral votes of the presidential election, were almost destroyed and the government as we know it, overthrown forever.

This was a long planned, violent assault on the Constitution and the soul of America. The freedom of all citizens was under attack that day, attempted by modern day, Urban Terrorists for everyone to see and remember. History may record their group and individual names as seditionists are not hard to identify when the fascist attack on Democracy was broadcast worldwide. If the coup hadn’t been fought so bravely by Capitol police, the real Americans, we could be ruled by a fascist dictator and at this moment in time verbally backed by Putin on world news stations. While the incompetency of that failed president has possibly ended more American lives than just over 600,000+ Americans killed by a Pandemic. The same supposed dictator of sedition that let a Pandemic run rampant throughout these United States.

The current blatant denial by some Senators now, that any coup ever happened, has terminally made those deniers obsolete in the political mainstream of even their own Party, as well as the diverse population of voting and non-voting Americans. We, as citizens, must join together and try to stabilize all freedoms and voting in our country from restrictions relevant to the world we live in. We must prosecute all supporters of that planned coup of sedition on our democracy, no matter their political or social positions in society.

We as Americans of diverse cultures, have seen what dictators have done in the past and are still doing today while abusing their own people in so many countries like Russia, under the thumb of evil and violence. It doesn’t really matter if some old, archaic politicians have made themselves obsolete to the American people, it could be the right solution. They’ve made their choices to follow false, seditious conspiracies of hate and created their own irrelevancy among the political mainstream of Americans trying to save and secure our freedoms for the good of our country and not just any one man or woman.

All Americans must work together to never allow such a treasonous act happen again in America and protect even our basic Constitutional freedoms that so many have fought and died for over the past hundreds of years. The freedom to move at liberty within these United States of America and the world, depends on our current choices to deny hate, violence and conspiracy theories that offer us nothing but a dictator, as we try to maintain our American values and the diverse cultures of this country and save the Constitutional laws our forefathers established with the loss of so many lives of past and current true Americans, we now stand beside.

Danny Higgins,