I write to endorse the re-election of Kevin England for Mayor of Chubbuck. I have known Kevin for nearly 30 years and have always found him to be a man of vision and integrity. His love of Chubbuck City and his concern for the welfare of her citizens are reflected in that vision. He has worked hard to help Chubbuck develop in ways that are improving -or will improve - the quality of life for all of her citizens. He is willing to make difficult decisions NOW so that we can realize those improvements in the future. In my judgment, his decisions have ALWAYS been made with the city’s interests at heart. He has never had a personal agenda with regard to the city’s business. I have been pleased with the direction the city has moved over the past 2 terms of Mayor England’s administration. Two recent examples demonstrate this progress: 1) the city has moved into a new city office building, and 2) expansion of the new police station is proceeding according to schedule. I endorse this direction even if I may have questions about some specific actions.

Kevin is ALWAYS willing to talk to me about why he thinks a particular policy path is important, and what he hopes to achieve thereby. For him, an open-door policy is not just a figure of speech. He’s a great listener; if someone has a question or a criticism about a particular issue, I suggest they visit with the mayor and ask that question or voice that criticism. He’ll do his best to clarify any misunderstanding and completely outline the facts that informed his decision. In every case, when I have had a question or a problem with a city program, Mayor England has been willing to meet with me for whatever length of time has been required to satisfy my concern.

Mayor England’s experience over the past 8 years have provided him – and the City of Chubbuck – opportunities to know and interact with officials throughout the State of Idaho. He well-known and highly respected by our region’s state legislators and Idaho’s governor. He has served on state-wide boards, and has represented our city in national forums. He understands the multi-faceted programs with which cities and towns in our state must wrestle on a daily basis. He has very positive working relationships with his counterparts through the state. As a measure of the respect with which he is held by his colleagues, he has been elected to serve a 1-year term as President of the Association of Idaho Cities. This honor is usually only given to mayors in the Boise area. And he will continue to serve as a past President as long as he remains an elected official.

In short, I find that Kevin England has the personal qualities, the vision, the leadership skills, and the experience to continue to serve the citizens of Chubbuck City at a very high level. I support his candidacy without reservation.

Earl Phippen,