The insane failed domestic and foreign policies recently initiated by the liberal left should not be blamed on Biden. He was selected and protected by the left during the election knowing their far-left nominees would not have a chance of winning if selected. With Biden as President, they could easily initiate their agenda knowing he could not comprehend the result of bad policy and they could blame him for resulting failures. The liberal left has always initiated extreme policies that discard individual responsibilities. When those policies fail, they blame others.

The far left’s methodology is to quickly initiate a rash of catastrophic policies. This always overwhelms a system and the ability to control the outcome of insane policies. An example: A murdering dictator might say “I am going to execute 3 of 4 persons living in your neighborhood”. Understandably the neighborhood is up in arms and objects, those objecting accept a negotiated outcome that results in killing 1 of every 4. Negotiators are heroes saving 2 people in every neighborhood! Crazy? Consider the freedoms lost because of restrictions in place because of a flu outbreak. Not to mention election laws that were changed without legislation to benefit the left. Wow!

Stop building the wall that is specifically designed to control immigration, don’t enforce existing immigration law. The result? An invitation to attract illegal immigrants. Illegals are flooding the border infected with covid. Too many illegals located near our boarder. Let’s distribute the illegals all over our country, infecting those living in those communities causing an increase of infections. Next, initiate policies requiring citizens to get vaccinated and lose individual freedoms. Ingenious! The left can blame Biden or find a way to blame Trump. The outcome: those creating this stupid policy are free from any blame. Biden currently lives in bliss in his reduced mental capacity as a patsy, unable to recognize he is being used. Biden will never be impeached for not enforcing laws. Trump was impeached for doing so. This arrangement is currently convenient for everyone and was calculated prior to the election. Liberals are not stupid. They blame others for their corrupt policies. Blame Trump, he is out of office.

Next catastrophe: The current Afghanistan debacle where innocent lives have been lost directly as a result of their botched withdraw policy. The left’s thought process: Leave without planning for the predictable outcome of this strategy then blame anyone else. This includes blaming the Afghanistan fighters for the left’s obvious lack of planning. The news cycle will move on to the next screw up these knuckleheads create.

Some gutless Republicans in office do nothing to correct a problem, many say liberals who knowingly misstate facts are “mistaken” when they should be called out as “liars”. A duck should be identified as a duck. Some appear on a Sunday news programs to enhance their chances of re-election while not offending anyone stating they intend to “take action” to correct problems then never do.

Term limits are a necessity. Career politicians need to be an impossibility. This will never happen, but it’s nice to hope for a miracle.

Gene Waters,