I write this hoping that the Idaho legislature will pass a law now that allows effective Covid therapies such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for patients who request such treatments. States such as South Dakota, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Hampshire and more are considering such laws. The purpose of this law would be to allow people the option to select Covid treatments that have been shown to save lives in locations around the world.

Present treatment strategies are to require people to wait until they are sick enough to be hospitalized for Covid before launching therapeutic actions. Hospitalization is very expensive, thousands of dollars per day. Conversely, where HCQ or Ivermectin are used as treatments, cost of the prescriptions are a few dollars per day, hospitalization is usually avoided if treatments begin as soon as a person shows and fewer people die from Covid. Information indicates that 70% to 80% of deaths could be avoided using this strategy. Think about this.

The argument from Dr. Fauci against using HCQ and Ivermectin is that these strategies haven’t been proven through strict clinical trials to NOT cause harm. I feel like we are being duped by Dr. Fauci. Both drugs have been approved for human use for years, 65+ years for HCQ. I might be convinced to wait longer for clinical trials except that Dr. Fauci seems to be slow-walking the trials. I’m triple vaccinated against Covid, but because the efficacy of three jabs has proven to be a bad assumption, I’m not excited to rub shoulders with everyone and I’m not inclined to sign up for additional vaccinations.

My request is for the Idaho legislature to nullify constraints imposed on pharmacists, medical doctors, and hospitals that effectively preclude people sick with Covid from receiving these kinds of treatments if the patient requests such therapies. I hope this can become law in Idaho as soon as possible.

Michael Ewing,