My vote is for Brian Blad. Pocatello is operating very well and improving. All city departments deliver the services and amenities I expect. After living on the east and west coasts and European communities my tax burden for what I receive is very fair. The city is growing in a controlled way. Private investment in public education, recreation, arts and healthcare relieve some tax burden. Collaboration between the city and other organizations like SD25 and ISU is a lever to add economic vitality.

Blad’s opponent David Worley and I are both veterans. We took the same oath to support and defend the constitution. Our democracy depends in part on law-abiding citizens who follow laws and regulations, changing them through constitutional process by voting, legislatures, courts, ballot initiatives, etc. Mr. Worley’s campaign information advises that he will declare parts of the body of law or regulations to be illegal or immoral and not comply. Is the body of law like trail-mix where we can throw away the parts we don’t like? Seat-belts, speed limits, taxes, literacy for our children? In the constitutional United States, no one has King Solomon wisdom and power to be above the law.

Larry Gebhardt,