Clayton Armstrong, you and I were hired the same year to teach at the same school, Irving Junior High. We were colleagues there for over 15 years. You coached my son in both wrestling and football. My husband was your fellow teacher in the math department. I have fond feelings for both you and Sharma. However, I am most troubled by your strident and unwise voice as you push your political beliefs in your quest to be elected to the school board. You actually advised your followers to go into the classrooms of your former colleagues and intimidate them if they tried to enforce the district mask policy. How disruptive this would be in any classroom and certainly would only drive wedges between teachers and students. I can’t imagine how you, a former teacher, could ever advocate such a thing. As a school board member would you only use this position to further force your political views? This action really made me question that you are wise enough, fair enough, to make policies for the good of all in our community. One last question I would like you to answer: what safety precautions would you suggest to protect students and teachers during this very real and deadly pandemic? The current policy is to rely on parents to make good decisions as they decide whether to send their children with a positive Covid diagnosis to school or not. For the record they CAN send sick kids to attend school, and they currently ARE sending them to school. Is your position there will be no safety precautions? I’m sorry, but I can’t support you for the school board position when you are advocating intimidating and putting in harm’s way the students and colleagues I so love. I’m very troubled and disappointed.

Tedra Balls,

Former SD 25 educator and colleague,