Brian Blad

Brian Blad

1. What is your plan to reduce property taxes in Pocatello? How would you make reductions to the city budget to achieve this goal?

This question is fundamentally flawed because we all know you cannot cut a city into prosperity. Making any meaningful cuts to spending would require eliminating jobs and reducing services that help us compete with other communities. We have to ask ourselves if that’s our goal for our future.

The City has been very fiscally conservative without making cuts to services. Eighty-seven percent of tax dollars are currently allocated to fund the fire and police departments. We have well-funded police and fire departments that provide critical services to Pocatello residents and businesses. Our community members have consistently expressed a deep interest in maintaining this funding. Cutting taxes and spending would require defunding those departments.

Pocatello residents should be wary of any talk to privatize municipal services. Privatizing the Ross Park Aquatic Complex, the Recreation Center, and other tax-funded amenities/services would jeopardize the ability to provide these services to all citizens at a fair and affordable cost. For example, the cost for a family of four to enjoy a day at Ross Park is less than $20. That same cost at a private swimming facility would increase to more than $150 for entry alone. My goal is to continue Pocatello’s path to prosperity without ultimately making City amenities and services more expensive for the people who live and recreate here.

2. How important is prior mayoral experience in being the city’s top administrator?

Now, more than ever, experience matters. Pocatello needs continuity in leadership. My knowledge of municipal governance and organizational leadership, combined with the strong relationships I’ve developed, have prepared me to continue to lead on day one. Exemplary leaders seek to avoid creating solutions to problems that do not exist.

I’m proud to be Pocatello’s mayor. I have been elected and privileged to serve a community defined by hard working people who are passionate about making their city a better place to live, work, recreate, and raise families. Because of the people who live and work here it’s easy for me to maintain a positive framework for my vision of service to this community.

Under my leadership, Pocatello has injected millions of dollars into projects that support and activate economic development while securing a prosperous future. These investments include infrastructure improvements like the Northgate interchange and South Valley Connector; new construction for Zoo Idaho’s main entrance and gift shop; and the addition of more than two hundred and sixty new businesses to Pocatello’s economy since 2013.

Together, we’ve established a strong foundation for sustainable growth. Do we have a long way to go? Yes. Development takes time and is a never-ending process. During my tenure as mayor, we have always continued to move forward. We are always progressing, and we will continue to do so.

3. How will the Pocatello of the future look under your leadership?

We can be proud of all that we have accomplished in the past and optimistic about the the City’s future. My vision is to unite the residents of Pocatello to continue on this path toward progress we’ve started together.

We have created several extraordinary community events and memorials. The Gold Star Memorial, the first and only one in Idaho and one of the few in the nation, is a tribute to those who fought to defend our freedom. The Mayor’s Million Minute reading challenge is a partnership that makes education a city-wide focus, resulting in millions of minutes read since 2016.

When I first campaigned to become Pocatello’s mayor, my “why”, was to improve the quality of living for every citizen in Pocatello. I’ve accomplished this goal, in part, by increasing wages. In fact, since 2013, Pocatello businesses have increased wages by more than two hundred million dollars.

I’ve prioritized education with the Mayor’s “Promise of Pocatello” scholarship which annually awards five students $2,000 for use at Idaho State University. The awardees are selected based on possible roadblocks to higher education, personal and higher education goals, and financial need.

Each of these accomplishments directly benefits the well-being of everyday citizens.

4. Why should Pocatello voters support you rather than your opponent?

I respectfully ask for your support to make your voice heard in the run-off election for Pocatello Mayor. I am seeking re-election because I value the success that we have achieved. We know there is still work to be done. A vote for me is a vote to continue along that path of sustainable, community-oriented progress that we have carved together.

Right now, experience matters more than ever, and Pocatello’s teachers, fire, police, labor council and realtors agree with their association endorsements of my candidacy. These are all people who all love Pocatello like I do and want to keep this community moving in the right direction. Please join me and get your friends out, get your family out, and get yourself out to vote again on November 30. Thank you.