I am a registered Republican but now consider myself an independent, imparting that I may be conservative regarding some issue and liberal on others and I have not always voted Republican. However, based on the rhetoric thrown out by many, if I’m not a conservative on ALL THE ISSUES, then I’m a left wing fascist. The Democrats will state that if I’m not taking a liberal position on All OF THEIR ISSUES, then I’m a right wing white supremacist. They both take a position that it’s “my way or the highway” with no room for compromise. I try my best to research different sources of information for the different issues. I often end up looking at a compromised position, taking the good points from both sides, if there are any.

The last few years I have had a hard time dealing with and understanding a lot of what our hard-core right-wing conservative Republican representatives have been doing in Boise. They don’t seem to be helping with any improvements with our education system, tax relief for the middle class, or our health care system needs. In regards to some of them, who have an “R” behind their name, they leave you dumbfounded with some of their ideas and you wonder how they got elected? It is hard to support the “R” sometimes. I definitely would not vote for anyone being supported by the Idaho Freedom Foundation, who I don’t feel truly represent the ideals of the Republican Party, although they say they do.

I know that many folks in Idaho always vote for the candidate that has an “R” behind their name (or a “D”) without any idea what that person believes. In the past that worked and the candidate stood for what the Party and we believed in. Today, that is definitely not the case. If you are reading this letter, I will assume that you’re an informed citizen here in Idaho. Not because you’re reading my letter but because you’re reading the newspaper, you probably also listen to various news sources, and pay attention to (hopefully) credible sources of information. Way too many folks have no idea what any candidate they vote for really stands for and I understand why. For most folks the challenges of everyday life from work, to family, social commitments, and other personal interests leaves them little time to get informed and they just vote for the “R” or “D” behind a candidate’s name.

So for those that are more informed, it’s important to talk to others about the issues and the political representatives beliefs, so informed decisions can be made. I do believe that the vast majority of Idaho citizens are middle of the road conservatives (the Silent Majority) on most issues and would like to see things get accomplished for a change that really do help the working class and not just a select few who are just more vocal and like to argue. Therefore, it is important for the Silent Majority to vote from a knowledgeable position regarding a candidate’s beliefs and not simply vote for the letter “R” or “D”, otherwise we will end up with more politicians like some of those we now have that overtly push radical ideas and get nothing worthwhile accomplished.

Robert Marcinko,