I was particularly moved by Nick Gier's column, "Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head again," in Sunday's "Opinion" section (2 May 2021). His tally of recent anti-Semitic activity reminds us of the important of tolerance education in our society - particularly in places were religious, ethnic, and racial diversity is lacking. His concluding challenge, to "rededicate ourselves to confronting biases, even within ourselves, correcting misinformation and exposing lies about others different from ourselves", is a call that truly resonates beyond the more immediate injustices that we may encounter in our own communities. It is a call to broader understanding, and to engagement with history's lessons on the causes of hate. Recent grandstanding in the Idaho Legislature in opposition to critical inquiry only underscores the importance of his brief article. I enthusiastically offer further resources toward understanding the origins of hatred as they manifested in the recent (it's only been 76 years - one lifetime - since the conclusion of the Second World War) genocide known (hopefully known to the current generation) as the Holocaust. In the fall semester 2021 I will offer an online course, HIST 4468: World War II & the Holocaust. In addition to active students, members of the community and those further afield may register for the course as non-degree-seeking students (visit www.isu.edu/admissions or call 208-282-2475). I welcome all to engage in the discussions to be had in this course, which will build from Dr. Gier's observation that continued anti-Semitism prompts us to expand our efforts to combat hate.

Justin Dolan Stover, PhD,