A letter to the mayoral candidates: Whichever person wins the election needs to be aware that a win is not a mandate. The original election was a vote for four candidates unwanted, in one way or another, by the majority of voters. That is not a good basis for a future mayor. Listening only to those within your personal sphere while ignoring opinions from all others and not seeking out diverse opinions is not a sign of true leadership. Personal agendas, shifty backroom politics, shady secretive land grabs, listening to and following powers from outside are not the sign of a true leader. Leaders at certain times need to make the unpopular decision without vacillation, but being transparent is always key. Televised council meetings are needed. There would seem to be room for yet another PBS STATION. In the area of personal behavior, being religious is different from having integrity, and being educated is different from using intelligence to make decisions. Perhaps what our city needs is a city manager form of government.

Emily Bennett,


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