If all the Powers That Be approve the creation of a Greater Idaho, taking in the dissident rural counties of Oregon and northern California, there will need to be adjustments to the Idaho legislature. 

My count of the population of the rural Oregon counties is some 700,000 people.  If they were to be represented at 55,000 per district, that is at least a dozen additional legislative districts.  How would we fit a dozen more Senators into our Senate chambers, and 2 dozen more members into our House chambers?   What sort of remodel would be required?  How much will it cost?   If we keep the legislature at 35 districts, that is 2.5 million people at some 71,300 per district.  How big would the sparsely populated rural districts need to be?  A compromise on the number of legislative districts will still require some major adjustments.

How will the people of Ontario like living in a state that does not allow marijuana sales?

These are all things that will need to be considered as those interested in creating Greater Idaho move forward.

Elinor Chehey,