Kay Merriam

Kay Merriam

Our planet continues to spin while our knowledge of it, both as a world and a configuration of plants, animals, humans, inventions, good times, bad times and an additional list continuing in several directions. What we like to consider, at least momentarily are those things that can please, entertain, teach, satisfy, bring awe or simply keep us from being bored, watching too much television, pulling weeds in our yards or tackling situations we haven’t even thought about yet.

As a remedy for the above, there are several activities taking place on this very day or perhaps in the next week which might take care of boredom, work tasks, or the simple exercise of focusing on a Crossword puzzle. Most of those activities require not much more than driving and then walking or sitting to see others perform amazing skills.

For example, the Pocatello Race Way can give your ears and eyes some challenging use by sending vehicles zipping by in one race after another. Then, when there is quiet for a short time, you can find hot dogs and soft drinks to occupy your time until the next race gets started.

Between Aug. 12 and 16 Fish and Game will be bringing fish to various areas such as the Portneuf River below Pebble and above Lava Hot Springs to provide a good place for those who love to caste and catch something other than a tree branch.

Later in this month the Eastern Idaho State Fair will take place on August 30 to September 7 at the Eastern Idaho State Fairgrounds in Blackfoot. Whether you have been to this event before or never, it is always wonderful with an array of pleasing examples of what can be done with animals, photography, sewing skills, flowers, quilting and watching people walk by as you take a short rest on one of the many benches along the way from one area to another.

One last idea for an event that will be here soon is the Idaho Mountain Festival taking place from 5 p.m. on Aug. 15 to noon on Aug. 18 at the City of Rocks. This will cost $75 to participate and will focus mostly on Climbing. But, there will be much more, so give it a try.

And now we turn to some past events. Why? Well, it sometimes seems that our government is merely based on today’s needs, the immediacy of one of many problems, or just a way of hearing what a variety reporters can tell us. Those all might be used as an entry for you into the basic stitching of words into the Constitution of the United States. The first three components of this document are related to the Separation of Powers, Legislative and Executive, and finally, the Judicial branch does and don’ts.

The fourth, fifth and sixth components deal with the rights and responsibilities of the States. Then it gets into the Bill of Rights of the people and the government of the United States to serve its citizens. This is not being given to you as a five minute read but rather to provide an illustration of the ways and means of how our country was (and is) so carefully designed to provide the most exacting manners through which our rights and privileges were (and are)put together.

Our government is not designed to be a means of individual interpretation based on the personal desires of its leaders. However, the best way to figure out how it is truly designed would be to read the words of those who spent years defining exactly how those words were to be used and then to insure how they were used, interpreted or understood. In our schools, this sort of study is sometimes not attended to and as a result we are in a difficult situation today. So, read, study and learn for clarity.

Well, enough is enough but it is imperative that we know what our country was and is about.

Kay Merriam of Pocatello has a Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut. She was the president of the state League of Women Voters for two years and president of the Pocatello chapter for two years as well. She was the president of the Bannock County Planning and Zoning Committee for 11 years and on the Pocatello-Chubbuck District 25 School Board for six years.