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Southeastern Idaho Public Health urges people to take precautionary measures to protect others against COVID-19. 

SOUTHEAST IDAHO — According to Southeastern Idaho’s COVID-19 Unified Command Team, is offering opportunities for the community to volunteer to help those in need in our local community. Some of these opportunities include delivering food and medicine to vulnerable populations who are unable to go out, donating food and paper supplies to those in need, and working with the Idaho Foodbank to package food (in small groups).

“During these difficult and uncertain times, we can find solace in helping others in need,” says Kevin Bailey, with the United Way of Southeastern Idaho, "and we are working together to ensure our community is taken care of.”

To get more information and sign up, visit We encourage members of the community to reach out to individuals that live alone. The novel coronavirus brings with it unprecedented fear, anxiety and uncertainty. Social connection can help alleviate some of this. Face to face interactions are discouraged, but you can call, text, video chat, or stand outside and talk through a door or window.

“As a community, we will get through this, and we need to work together,” said Bailey.