Virgil and Cheryl Johnson met at Fielding High School where Cheryl kept hitting Virg on the head with books to get his attention, as his locker was below hers. After graduation, Virg went into the Air Force and Cheryl went to college at Cedar City and Utah State, where she graduated with a degree in home economics education. When Virg got back from the Air Force, they reunited outside of the Montpelier Pool Hall, where they ran into each other.

They were married on June 28, 1972. They made their home in Ovid, Idaho, and Virg worked for many years and retired from Union Pacific. They adopted their son Jeffrey Johnson (married to Jessica). Virgil and Cheryl have three grandchildren and have enjoyed living the quiet life in Ovid together. One of their favorite places to spend time is Yellowstone.

Happy 50th anniversary.