ARIMO — Two fraternal twin siblings already have plans for the future after graduating from Marsh Valley High School on Wednesday.

Hunter Argyle and his sister, Taylor, both 18, participated in the 2020 graduation ceremonies in front of the school with the class of 94 students.

The event included fireworks and a graduate, Samantha Wilding, who carried a blue smoke emitting torch while receiving her high school diploma. There was also social distancing and a parade of vehicles driven by parents.

Both Taylor and Hunter said they were happy to graduate from Marsh Valley Joint School District 21, which includes Swanlake, Downey, Virginia, Arimo, Lava Hot Springs, McCammon and Inkom.

“I’m glad to be done,” Hunter said. “Time to move on.”

But Taylor said she will probably miss seeing her friends every day and playing sports. She competed in basketball and soccer.

Hunter, who on a whim put deer antlers on his mortar board hat for the ceremony, said he’s already working for a fencing company in Pocatello. He said that suits him because he likes working at hands-on jobs.

Eventually Hunter, who enjoyed playing basketball and football, plans to go to school to be an electrician or plumber.

Taylor, meanwhile, said she plans to attend Idaho State University to seek a degree in nursing.

“I just like to spend time with other people and help other people,” she said.

But she won’t play sports at ISU. She just plans to study, and she looks forward to getting started.

Like Hunter, she doesn’t like just staying in one place.

“I just want to work in a place where you’re not always sitting and you’re always interacting with people,” she said.

In the fall she’ll start taking general courses and then seek to enter the ISU nursing program.

She plans to live at home and commute to save money.

Meanwhile, Marsh Valley High School Principal Kyle Buttars said the graduation ceremony went well overall despite one major challenge — rain. It looked like it was going to be a wet ceremony.

But then it let up just in time for the graduation events. And it started up again after the ceremony ended.

“The weather broke just in time,” Buttars said.

Parents parked well over 100 vehicles in and around the parking lot during the ceremony.

And afterward they did a parade of vehicles in honor of the graduates.

The whole graduation ceremony, which included a few fireworks, went well for everyone, according to Buttars.

“It was a good way to honor their achievement,” he said.