Darren Hansen

We’ve seen some truly amazing transformations with our strength and conditioning clients and physical therapy patients, and we find ourselves asking how to consistency replicate this success with others.

Did they simply turn on a switch and start changing their lifestyle factors? Did they happen to start eating the right amount of food all the sudden? Did their energy levels just simply increase due to the position of the sun?

Of course not. What happened was they created the right environment for the body to progress and to make better choices. This is what coaches aim to teach, but often it’s not what happens. Why? Because oftentimes coaches avoid the conversations that come with improving a client’s mindset. Progress comes with adaptation. Adaptation is quite often painful and uncomfortable, mentally and physically!

Correcting movement, lifestyle habits, and increasing training volume all aid in the progress clients are looking for. But dialing in mindset will lead to harder work ethic and improved behaviors OUTSIDE the gym.

The correct mindset will help change the perception of pain and the uncomfortable feelings that come with change and lead your clients down the path of progress.

It’s important to realize the importance of physical, mental, and emotional alignment to create the perfect environment for progress. Frequently we observe the last piece of the puzzle, the individual’s mindset, remains overlooked.

Sneak Peek: Next week check back for part 2: “Change of Perspective.”

Darren Hansen is the owner of HansenAthletics and Director of Marketing at Streamline Sports Physical Therapy. After receiving a degree in exercise science and competing nationally in Olympic weightlifting he’s obtained a wide range of certifications pertaining to strength and conditioning and currently works with a diverse population of athletes and clients. Hansen coaches as a volunteer within ISU and has previously coached at Utah State and the University of Utah. Contact him at: 208-569-1533 Darren@HansenAthletics.com Social Media Platforms: @hansenathletics