The Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program is an adoption program for special needs children. Many of these children are from environments marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment or substance abuse and are now in the foster care system. While they have already faced difficult challenges in their young lives, they are ready for a permanent family that will give them a chance to learn, play and grow in a nurturing environment.

This program is ideal for those willing to provide a safe, loving environment for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Nearly any person or couple over the age of 25 that has a strong desire to provide a forever home to a child can apply to become an adoptive parent. Visit for more information.

With dreams of one day becoming a businessman or engineer, Jonathan is hoping to find a forever family that will cheer him on and support him as he achieves his goals. This sharp young man may say school isn’t easy for him, yet he still strives to work hard and succeed.

Jonathan has quite the sweet tooth. He loves the Christmas holiday season because the eggnog and sugar cookies come out. He would like to learn how to do more of his own baking so he can enjoy his favorite treats more often, like Rice Krispies treats, cupcakes and even ice cream.

Jonathan shares that he is an active boy and enjoys spending time outside riding his bike, hiking and engaging in nerf-gun wars with friends. He can also be very mellow and doesn’t mind playing by himself with his Legos, watching his favorite YouTubers, singing to the radio and playing video games. Jonathan shared he would like to travel with his future adoptive family. He would like to see New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Europe.

Jonathan’s permanency team is looking for an adoptive family that has a strong understanding of childhood trauma. He would thrive in a home that provides consistency for him. Jonathan would do well as the youngest or oldest sibling in a two-parent home. Jonathan’s permanency team is looking for families in northern Idaho, though they are open to all inquiries. If you think Jonathan might be the right fit for your family, please inquire today at