The Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program is an adoption program for special needs children. Many of these children are from environments marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment or substance abuse and are now in the foster care system. While they have already faced difficult challenges in their young lives, they are ready for a permanent family that will give them a chance to learn, play and grow in a nurturing environment.

This program is ideal for those willing to provide a safe, loving environment for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Nearly any person or couple over the age of 25 that has a strong desire to provide a forever home to a child can apply to become an adoptive parent. Visit idahowednesdayschild.org for more information.

Kahli is a quirky teen with an adventurous spirit. This brave girl recently let us tag along on a trip to a local salon where she chose to cut off all her long hair for a new style that better matches the transformation she’s working on in herself as she heads towards a new life with her future adoptive family.

A sweet girl who can be just a little shy at first, Kahli quickly warms up and shows off her fun personality. She loves going for long drives, riding bikes or scooters, camping, swimming and taking walks. Kahli is in her school choir and enjoys all genres of music; she also plays the piano. Her favorite school subject is art, and she can’t get enough of anything related to anime. Kahli dreams of someday visiting Japan to fully immerse herself in their culture. She loves making cakes, brownies and pies and has set a goal of becoming a professional baker.

Kahli is a tender-hearted yet resilient girl and is extremely protective of the people she cares about. She finds a sense of purpose in sharing her own difficult life experiences and how she has overcome things in ways that might help others. Kahli always tries to be kind to everyone around her and prides herself on how good she is at helping her friends work through struggles in their own lives.

Kahli is so looking forward to being adopted. She has her sights set on finding her forever home with a Christian family, one who will take her to church regularly. She’s open to a traditional family with both a mom and a dad, or to a single mom or two mom family, with no more than one or two other children in the home.

Kahli loves dogs. She describes her relationship with animals as giving her a sense of comfort and connection that just makes everything better. She is really hoping that her adoptive family loves animals as well and that she can have a dog of her own. Kahli’s permanency team is open to hearing from Idaho families, as well as families who reside out of state and is particularly looking for parents for her who have formal trauma training or a significant understanding of the needs of children who come from hard places.

Kahli has several siblings and will need a family who is committed to supporting and nurturing those ongoing sibling relationships. If you feel that your family is just what Kahli has been longing for and you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime to begin, please inquire today to find out more about this special girl.