Teresa Nelson

Teresa Nelson

POCATELLO — According to a 2013 Kaiser Family Foundation report, up to 93.5 million Americans who take one or more prescription drugs do not take them as prescribed. The National Council on Patient Information and Education created Talk About Your Medicines Month in 1986 to bring attention to the value that better medicine communication can play in promoting proper use of medicine and better health outcomes.

Taking medication the way it is meant to be taken is the only way to be sure it’s doing what it’s meant to do. There are a lot of reasons that medications aren’t taken correctly, so let’s look at some:

• Medication-related — There can be confusion around factors, such as what is prescribed, the number of doses daily and timing.

• Patient-related factors — Nonadherence is found to be more than 1.5 times higher among those who do not perceive their disease to be severe or a threat.

• Pharmacy-related factors — Pharmacists can play a huge role in the education of patients; however, barriers such as low compensation, lack of appropriate staffing and poor access to patient medical information can lead to a gap in the pharmacist’s ability to appropriately counsel on medication matters.

• Factors impacting the transitions from hospital to home — When patients are discharged with new medication instructions, there can be a lack of clear understanding around the (for example) switch to a new dosage schedule or new medication application.

The problem many families face with an aging loved one is how to balance time between their senior family members and their family at home. The opportunity for seniors to take medications safely and effectively doesn’t have to be a concern. With an in-home care agency like Home Helpers® Home Care, services offered allow a win-win situation giving the family peace-of-mind knowing their loved one is taken care of and the senior can maintain their health.

Home Helpers is committed to making sure our clients understand how to use their medications. It doesn’t matter what age you are, over half the nation regularly takes prescription medicine, and we’ve made it our duty to make sure it’s done correctly.

Care plans are individualized to meet your specific needs and can begin with weekly telephone checks, hourly companion care or transportation services. Home Helpers also offers a wide range of monitoring products through our Direct Link® services, where help is just the touch of a button away. Direct Link also offers products designed to help monitor health vital signs and remind seniors when it’s time to take their medication.

We understand every situation is unique, and we’ll work to find the best match between client and Caregiver. We can assist or supplement a family Caregiver should they need a break. We work with you to develop the best care plan to meet your family’s needs.

For more information, call Home Helpers at 208-234-2380 or visit HomeHelpersHomeCare.com and schedule a free consultation.

We have offices in Pocatello and Idaho Falls and offer services all throughout Eastern Idaho.

Teresa Nelson, MBA, CSA, CDP is the owner of Home Helpers Home Health and Senior Care, serving Eastern Idaho and Northern Utah.