POCATELLO — A free four-week Fresh Start Tobacco Cessation program will be offered to community members in October. Classes will be taught on Wednesdays beginning on Oct. 5 and consecutively taught through Wednesday, Oct. 26. The program will be held at Southeastern Idaho Public Health, 1901 Alvin Ricken Drive in Pocatello, from 6 to 7 p.m. Please pre-register by Oct. 3. Space is limited.

Fresh Start is a program that takes you through the quitting process one step at a time in a supportive environment. It offers a method for quitting based on the premise that smoking is a learned activity. A certified facilitator helps you understand when and why you smoke so you can learn to fight your addiction and quit for good. Attend all four consecutive classes, receive a free, two-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy and double your chances of successfully quitting.

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