POCATELLO — On Sept. 14 and 15 of this year, less than a month from now, all those who attended Poky High 50 or more years ago can celebrate his or her cleverness in maintaining respiration, circulation, ambulation and cognition (more or less) by joining their fellow survivors at the ninth annual PHS 50+ Combined Reunion.

This year’s celebration will be held at Pocatello’s Clarion Inn, starting Sept. 14 at about 9 a.m. with a coffee/juice “mix and mingle.” The grand luncheon will be served at noon. K. T. Anderson of Rodeo Announcer fame will serve as master of ceremony, and Eric Gutierrez, the Karaoke Star of Chapala’s restaurant, will provide reminiscent songs as entertainment. There will be a little business followed by announcements and recognitions, and then more visiting and conversation and perhaps a wee nap. On Sept. 15 at about 9:00 a.m., we will again get together for a breakfast buffet and, of course, more mixing, visiting and farewells.

The idea of having a combined reunion came to Poky from Twin Falls where its high school has held combined reunions for 49 years. Moving this idea to Pocatello came about because the PHS ‘48 reunion committee was reluctant to put on another five-year affair, and the yearly 50+ event promised a better future. We now have had eight very successful annual combined reunions and look forward to many more.

Since the format of the combined reunion is standardized, it is simple, easier to organize and produce and requires less total effort. Each year this combined reunion will be held on the second full weekend of September using the same basic format: 9 a.m. coffee/juice mixer followed by a noon luncheon on Saturday and a 9 to 9:30 a.m. breakfast buffet on Sunday. The location will be held as constant as possible, depending on the size of the crowd, etc. This year all classes below 1969 are eligible. We have one attendee from the class of ’39.

More important than the easiness is the fun and enjoyment of celebrating with all the wonderful people from many PHS classes and, in some instances, the added pleasure of mini family get-togethers, sort of like mini family reunions. As you can tell, the 50+ reunion is a great way to connect with your long lost kin, brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts and, of course, your many PHS friends.

The PHS 50+ Reunion is an annual event that is fun, entertaining and rewarding for all who attend. We think the planning and production of the luncheon and the breakfast can be more or less put on autopilot, but lots of help and ideas are needed for getting and maintaining rosters of classes, mailings, registration, publicity, ushering, etc. More recent PHS attendees, i.e. from the ’60s, still relatively young and vigorous, are encouraged to join the steering committee which meets on the third Tuesday of each month, April through August, the time when most of the planning is done. And/or you are invited to join the fun at the monthly “Lunch Bunch” meetings which are held at the Clarion Inn each fourth Monday at 1 p.m., April through September. For more information or to sign up for whatever, call Pat Vigliaturo at 208-339-2244 or Jim Lee 208-237-2193 or Betty Anderson 208-241-2310.

Be sure to let friends and relatives, locals and out of towners know about the PHS 50+ reunion. If you haven’t already sent in your registration, do so as soon as possible; the Clarion needs to know how many meals to prepare. Pat, Jim and Betty at the numbers shown above are the people to call to get help with registration. See you Sept. 14 and 15.