Myrle and Kathy McLean were married 50 years ago on Sep. 18, 1970, in American Falls at the Bethany Baptist Church. Within the 50 years, they started their home in Rockland Idaho. They started marriage with Myrle as a small ranch hand and Kathy working at a potato fresh packing plant.

Soon after, they started a family with the birth of their first child, a daughter, Jennifer, and added Jason two years later and then rounding out their family with their daughter Jodi. Myrle took over the family farm in 1989 and moved the family to American Falls.

Over the next 40 years, many family memories were built, and there was an addition of seven grandchildren who made many memories swimming in the creek, and riding in the tractors and combines with grandpa, as well as mowing and changing the pipes on the huge front lawn with grandma. As the years have gone by, and the families have grown, Myrle and Kathy have now been blessed with 10 great-grandchildren, so far three boys and seven girls.

With Kathy’s retirement and Myrle’s partial retirement, this has allowed them to travel and enjoy the winters in Arizona and other cruising vacations. They have settled into a home in Pocatello, with all their children in close proximity, which allows them to continue to make many more lasting memories.