Jason Plaizier

Jason Plaizier

IDAHO FALLS — Authorities arrested a 39-year-old Idaho Falls man on Wednesday after he allegedly attacked an occupied vehicle with a baseball bat and made threats to those inside.

Idaho Falls police took Jason Plaizier into custody on charges of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two misdemeanor counts of malicious injury to property.

The incident occurred on the 400 block of Skyline Drive early Wednesday afternoon.

The male and female victims told police that they had just pulled into a parking lot when Plaizier pulled in behind them, got out of his vehicle and yelled for the woman to get out of the other vehicle. He then struck the vehicle repeatedly with a bat, causing damage to the vehicle and its windshield.

“The male driver backed the vehicle up and pulled away to get away from Plaizier,” according to a news release. “Plaizier continued to attack the vehicle and shattered the rear passenger window as the man and woman drove away.”

Police say Plaizier had sent angry, threatening and derogatory texts to the woman earlier that day, and she feared for her life.

While police were speaking with the woman, Plaizier, who had left the scene prior to officers’ arrival, called her and allegedly made incoherent and threatening statements toward the victims and law enforcement, according to the news release.

Officers began looking for the suspect but were called back to Skyline Drive around 4:15 p.m. that day. They were told that Plaizier had just broken a window at a residence and then fled. The back window of the vehicle involved in the earlier altercation was also shattered, police said.

Approximately an hour later, an officer located Plaizier at his residence on Alice Street.

“The Officer knocked on the door and, when he answered, directed Plaizier to open the door and to come outside. Plaizier refused to come outside, but the Officer could see that Plaizier had a knife in a sheath on his side,” according to the news release. “Plaizier made several motions in the area of the knife and was directed to not reach for the knife. An additional Officer arrived and Plaizier was detained at that time.”

Police say they found a bat, which matched the description of the one used in the altercation, in plain view in Plaizier’s vehicle. They took the item as evidence and found fresh metal markings and glass on it.