POCATELLO — Keller Associates, Inc., a local engineering firm, has provided their employees with an opportunity to give back to their communities.

This year, the company provided each employee with a paid “Day of Service” that can be used to serve and give back.

Many of Keller Associates’ employees who are based in its Pocatello and Idaho Falls Offices decided to join forces with the City of Pocatello to work to clean the Portneuf River that runs through our City.

The city of Pocatello has been working hard the last few years to clean up the Portneuf River. According the City’s adopted Portneuf River Vision Study, the City’s goal is “to restore the Portneuf River corridor in order to revitalize environmental, recreational, and economic opportunities while increasing community pride, connectivity, and quality of life.”

Keller Associates assisted in the city’s efforts by spending the Day of Service improving the health of the river that runs through our community. The work entailed a combination of cutting and removing debris jams and dead trees from the river channel as well as cleaning up any trash encountered along the way.

According to Keller Associates Inc.’s Vice President, Jim Mullen, “We wanted to do something that benefits the environment and improves our community. This effort coincides with Keller Associates’ motto of everything we do improves lives and it is consistent with our core values.”

The city of Pocatello Science and Environment department, DEQ, and a number of generous citizens helped contribute to this project.

Keller Associates is a multidisciplinary, civil engineering firm based in Meridian, Idaho with seven offices across the Intermountain and Pacific Northwest including offices in Pocatello and Idaho Falls. With over 115 employees, they provide engineering design services for agencies, entities, and communities throughout the region. Keller Associates has had an office located in Pocatello since 2000 and maintains a staff in Eastern Idaho of nearly 30 professionals.