Sealed for Freshness Play

In order from left to right are “Sealed for Freshness” actors EmmaJo Kendall, Ashley Ames, Tiffany Kendall, Noel Bennett, Dana Facer, and Danny Whisman.

For adults looking for a night of laughter, The American Falls Little Theatre cast is performing the adult comedy “Sealed for Freshness” on Sept. 10, 11, 12, and 14 at 7:30 pm at 233 Idaho Street with a Saturday matinee at 2 pm.

The play is based on Doug Stone’s book of the same name and takes place during a 1960s Tupperware party that goes awry when an unsavory member of the neighborhood arrives and sours the gathering with her lack of social etiquette.

While daily schedules, schooling, and a pandemic have impacted each of the cast members’ lives, this didn’t stop the six-member cast from strengthening the close bond that was created over the years of working together in the theatre community of American Falls.

“When you get involved in a show, it’s like you create another family,” said Noel Bennett, who recently graduated high school and moved back to the area after her family moved when she was in seventh grade.

For Bennett, the play was a chance to return to a passion she had to put on hold when she moved.

“When I moved away I was in a place that didn’t have theatre available,” Bennett said. “And I was talking to (the director) and I thought, ‘oh my gosh this will be my come-back show,” she said. “Because this was where I started doing theatre and ... it’s a big passion of mine. I love getting in front of an audience and performing.”

Another cast member who has not just been involved with the Little Theatre but also with the community youth is Dana Facer, who teaches English at American Falls High School and taught theatre for 16 years.

“Dana is one of my mentors,” said Jakob Kendall, who co-directed the play with theatre board member, Alison Anglesey. “I look up to her.”

Kendall, who is 18 years old and recently started his first year at Idaho State University in social work, has already directed about nine plays in the area with the help of Anglesey and has been involved with the Little Theatre since he was young.

“(She) and I always direct together,” Kendall said about Anglesey. “I usually take on organizing the cast, building the schedules, advertising, lights and sounds, costumes, (and) props. I let her take on a majority of the blocking and set designing, but we both help each other out all over the place. We both take on equal amounts of work and help each other on every task.”

For Kendall, directing a community play opens up new avenues for the production that wouldn’t otherwise be open to him if he was just an actor.

“It’s different from when you’re on stage because you get to put more of your own creative spin on things and you get to have a say on things and get to do things that you wouldn’t get to do if you were in an acting position,” he said. “And it really allows you to get to know your cast and form good relationships.”

While the directing position is rewarding, Kendall says this will likely be his last time directing a play at the Little Theatre as he turns his attentions toward schooling and taking a break from theatre. This will likely be Anglesey’s last show as well, as she recently resigned from the Little Theatre board.

“I’ve had a wonderful, wonderful cast and a group of people to work with,” Kendall said, who also has family members in the cast as well. They include his sister EmmaJo and his mother, Tiffany.

“I have always worked with great people,” said Tiffany, who plays the bawdy antagonist Sinclair Benevente. “And I truly love performing. I love that reaction from the audience and making them laugh. I love the aspect of the community theatre, not just on the actor side but on the patron side and making it a full-on community experience.”

For those interested in attending the production, contact 208-339-0830 for tickets.