POCATELLO — Cathy Kratz and Ann Bryan rang in the new year by taking first place in the A, B and C groups on Jan. 7. Jan Green and Deb Mignogno placed second in all three groups, with Joy Burke and Shiela Mathiesen placing third in the A group.

On Jan. 14, Lucy Bonman and Dick Anderson placed first in all three groups with Joy Burke and Joan Beall placing second in the A group.

To finish out the first month of 2020, Joy Burke and Joan Beall placed first in the A group on Jan. 28. Doris Brydon and Shiela Mathiesen placed second in the A group, with Jan Green and Deb Mignogno placing third in the A group and first in the B and C groups. Peggy Vogt and Duane Murphy placed second in the B group.

If you are interested in playing duplicate bridge, call Peggy Vogt at 208-237-5506 or Cathy Kratz at 208-569-5406. Little Slam Bridge Club plays weekly on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. at Quail Ridge, 797 Hospital Way in Pocatello. Gate City Bridge Club holds sessions on Monday and Wednesday afternoons at 1 p.m.