Swimmers of all ages and abilities relax at Indian Springs near American Falls, where natural hot spring provide ideal temperatures. The pool is open weekends in September.

The swimming pool at the historic Indian Springs Resort near American Falls has a temperature Goldilocks would have loved — not too hot and not too cold — just right.

Warmed with a natural hot springs ranging from 85 to 90 degrees, the swimming pool will be open Saturdays and Sundays in September for loyal local swimmers and those who stop by after discovering it through social media.

“There are so many good memories here from my childhood,” said LaDonna Hickman of Aberdeen, a daily swimmer. “There’s no chlorine in the water either, which is great.”

She and her friend, Cherie Roberts, have come to the pool every day during summer.

“We walk the pool because it helps our arthritis,” Roberts said. “My grandkids love it here, too. You don’t have to worry about them in the shallow end.”

Like Hickman, Alina Lyakhova grew up at the pool, learning to swim there and began working as a lifeguard last year.

“I like the diversity of people who come here,” she said. “It’s fun to talk to people of all ages and backgrounds from all over the U.S.”

When co-owner Michaela Dieffenbach and her husband, Dave, and her brother, Ben, bought the pool and campground in 2017, moving from San Jose, Calif., they were impressed with the hospitality of staff and clients.

“We felt at home right away,” she said. “People who come here tell us they like how clean and green it is here at the shady campground and pool. Kids love feeding the fish and crawdads in the creek and our koi pond. Our water aerobics classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday were well attended this summer. We want to promote the same memories and traditions and be as welcoming now as when it opened in 1919.”

For information, call (208) 226-7700.