Getting to know Josh is such a rewarding experience. Not only will you be amazed at his ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under one minute but you’ll also see how much his personality and big smile will make you feel like fast friends. Josh has such a resilient attitude, helping him to find the positive in even the toughest of situations. He is funny, kind and outgoing, yet has a calm and quiet way about him as well.

He loves Boy Scouting, football, track, and riding bikes and he is looking forward to joining some team sports once he is adopted. He would love an active family who would take him to the beach for his first time and who might be up for an adventure, like skydiving, with him.

Josh loves all kinds of animals, with wolves being his favorite. You won’t have to force him to eat healthily, as he’s not one for soda or sweets; however, he will wipe out an entire pizza on his own pretty quickly. Josh and his permanency team are searching for either a one or two-parent family where Josh can be the only child in the home. He would be happy with either a rural or more urban home setting and is OK with whether or not his new family attends church regularly.

Even though Josh is 17, he continues to wish to be adopted and is in need of a loving, stable family that can help him transition successfully into young adulthood and beyond. For more information about Josh and other waiting children, please visit

The Idaho Wednesday’s Child Program is an adoption program for special needs children. Many of these children are from environments marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment or substance abuse and are now in the foster care system. While they have already faced difficult challenges in their young lives, they are ready for a permanent family who will give them a chance to learn, play and grow in a nurturing environment.

This program is ideal for those willing to provide a safe, loving environment for children who have suffered from abuse or neglect. Nearly any person or couple older than 25 that has a strong desire to provide a forever home to a child can apply to become an adoptive parent. Visit for more information.