CHUBBUCK — The weather outside might be frightful, but the city of Chubbuck is hoping people will brave the cold on Dec. 6 to kick off the holiday season and celebrate the city’s 70th birthday.

The second annual Christmas in the Park will take place at Chubbuck’s Cotant Park at 6 p.m. During the event, the park will be lit up with an abundance of lights, and there will be hot cocoa, cookies and candy canes. The Highland High School Trouveres will provide music.

“This year is going to be a little special because ... the 6th of December just happens to be the 70th birthday of the city of Chubbuck,” Mayor Kevin England said. “We’re going to ... celebrate the starting of the Christmas season, along with a birthday party for the city.”

England hopes the annual event will be a reason for the people of the community to get together and have a good time with their neighbors.

“We invite everybody to come and that includes the city of Pocatello,” he said. “Anybody who wants to come over and participate, it’s a lot of fun.”

Last year, the city allocated some money for lights and decorations for the park, and they decorated a corner of the park. This year, there will be more lights, and, England said, “Our goal is to eventually have the entire Cotant Park lit up.”

During the inaugural event last year, the weather was windy and snowy and England thought no one would show up. To his delight, lots of people showed up and made a party out of it.

“Last year, I was totally taken aback by how much of a party atmosphere it was, even though the wind was blowing and the snow was falling,” England said. “People just sat around and sang and danced and talked.”

He added, “Snow blowing, cold, wind — people didn’t care. They just came and had a good time.”

While some people might be skeptical about spending an hour or two outside on a cold night, England said Christmas in the Park is a great reason to head out into the winter weather.

“We live in an area where we know how to go outside and have fun in the cold,” he said. “If we get lucky, we’re going to have a nice night. It’s going to be semi-warm. We have some space heaters we put around. If you’re one of those who just can’t stand the cold, come out and hug one of those heaters.”

As far as Chubbuck’s birthday in concerned, England said there’s a lot to celebrate.

“We’re coming of age,” he said. “A 70-year-old city, that’s pretty young when you’re talking about cities. It takes the city a number of years to get itself established. It took Chubbuck quite a while to get established, but once it did become established, it’s just turned into a wonderful community.”