Stephanie Palagi

Stephanie Palagi

Thank you to all who came out to enjoy the 12th annual Gate City Brewfest on Saturday. Thank you to our participating locations that hosted local and guest brews including Star Route Brewery, Off the Rails Brewing, The Yellowstone Restaurant, Union Taproom, Jim Dandy Brewing, Portneuf Valley Brewing, Station Square, The Office Bar & Grill, Cue & Brews, Oasis Sports Bar, Pocatello Elks Lodge, Bourbon Barrel, Hooligans, First National Bar, Barricade, Odyssey Bar & Golf, Club Charleys and Center Street Clubhouse.

Thanks to all of the volunteers that helped throughout the day and to our sponsors for making the 12th annual Gate City Brewfest possible including Bank of Idaho, Visit Pocatello, Pocatello-Chubbuck Chamber of Commerce, Idaho State Journal, KZBQ, KORR104, KMGI, KOUU and KSEI, Hayden Beverage, TEC Distributing, Craig Stein Beverage and Watkins Distributing.

Stephanie Palagi is the president and CEO of Historic Downtown Pocatello.

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Old Crow

Who do we sue? When the local credit union that you have banked with for decades, "rebrands"?

After some research I find that my "local" credit union is owned by some Californian tech billionaire. This was a sale, not just a change of names. And I blame ISU for this blatant act of fraud. With what's going in in's pretty scary to find out that they are the type of woke leftist goons who own my local credit union.

All I can say is.......lookout people. Only in America.

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