Faye Yost White-Forrey was born on March 27, 1930. In her youth, she became an exceptional softball player and developed a lifelong passion for sports. She learned to golf in 1945, a time when women just weren’t found on Riverside’s nine-hole course, so Faye golfed alongside men who were enjoying the sport after returning from war.

She graduated from Pocatello High School in the class of 1948. When Faye was still a teenager, she married Hayes White and they lived in Utah, California, Washington, Mississippi and Texas while Faye enjoyed a long and successful career with Sears. She took up skiing on her days off and, true to her spitfire nature, she surprised no one when she quickly mastered the sport.

After Hayes’ passing in 1983, Faye lived in Aberdeen and American Falls, then relocated to Pocatello three years ago. She is an avid sports fan, a prolific reader and is currently in high demand as a trivia partner. Whether the subject is sports, business, politics or history, her keen memory appears to be failproof. Faye has one sister, Ruth Ashcroft of Pocatello, and one brother, Denis Yost of Coeur d’Alene.

Please send birthday cards and notes to Faye at 1830 Magellan Loop, Pocatello, ID 83204.